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Every decision starts with a why. And so it should. So, before you consider RIMS as your imports, marketing service provider, you should know what’s in it for you. Jargons aside, every business venture requires some key matrices to successfully drive the engine and reach the desired goals, irrespective of their industry space or domain. At RIMS, we offer you four basic advantages that you could use for your business when you join hands with us.

Crossing geographical barriers we look forward to deep rooted business dealings which nurture trust amongst our clients. We analyse every Clients unique background and believe in providing optimal solutions as well as quality products and services as per their requirements.

Crossing geographical barriers we look forward to deep rooted business dealings which nurture trust amongst our clients. We analyse every Clients unique background and believe in providing optimal solutions as well as quality products and services as per their requirements.

Why Choose UsWhen you partner with RIMS, our expertise and market experience helps your business with a four-fold business advantage:


Strategy is at the heart of any business operation and forms the foundation of your company’s growth. With industry experts and experienced consultants to cater to your business needs, we help you answer the ‘who, why, when, what and how’ of your marketing objectives.

Problem Solving

We believe in providing solutions. Our innovative techniques and processes help us resolve any tactical issues related to your marketing needs, sales strategies, branding or market insights.

Robust IT Support

Tech support is an essential and indispensable operational element of an organization. By optimally and intelligently using leading edge technology, we ensure that our robust IT support team helps in smooth execution of your projects. Our trained and skilled engineers provide round-the-clock services and support, thus developing a strong relationship with your clients, vendors and all stakeholders.

Supply Chain Management

One of the most crucial aspects of any business, Supply Chain Management contributes to streamlining every business process- from day-on-day activities to yearly plans. With our efficient network of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, we, at RIMS, make sure that your supply chain is duly catered to. Our smart logistics system warrants your deliveries in a timely and efficient manner.

Product Sourcing and Product Development

Our Key capabilities is to integrate product manufacturing, product design, product development, product lifecycle management,strategic sourcing. Our product sourcing and development programs help clients improve margins, grow their brands and increase profitability by delivering products with improved innovation, speed, quality and value.

Price Control & Budgeting

No matter how great a business plan or strategy is, it all comes down to the right pricing and a reasonable budget for your pitch to work. At RIMS, our strategic consultants not only help you with the pricing but also draws out a judicious budget for your clients, so you can have a successful, long-term relationship with them. With our market-wide experience, we have gained negotiating capabilities in purchase, bulk import and buying, which help reduce your overall costs.

Professional & Experienced Team

Our teams of highly qualified and skilled marketing professionals can help you with the most cost-effective, viable and customized solutions that your business needs, and within a given time. Our experienced and dedicated customer relations personnel, account managers, consultants and strategists constantly strive to provide you with world-class service and support. With years of established associations with international traders and suppliers, our senior management helps you with the right professional guidance that you seek.

Strong Customer Service and Lifetime Support

Servicing a customer is an inherent part ofan organization which showcases clarity, certainty and perfection. Our greatest asset is our customers;we believe a strong establishment will always have great customer relationships which is often considered as the face of a company defined by the skill and quality provided through strong customer service and support team.

Presence In Multiple Countries

The consumer today is not confined to a city, state or country anymore. Then, why should your business be? Crossing geographical barriers, we help connect businesses across borders and help them position themselves in every market, thorough market research and sharper consumer insights.

Our Mission

At RIMS, our mission is to help your business achieve unprecedented heights with thorough market knowledge and expert advice on all aspects of marketing, to yield visible growth. We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients and desire to measure the success of our clients through awareness, increased sales, and brand recognition. We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission and help our clients achieve their desired goals.

Our Vision

We understand how much growth matters to every business. As drivers of cutting-edge marketing solutions, we see ourselves as facilitators of the growth of your company and your business the way you have envisaged. Our business philosophy is based on building strong, and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Known for our quality customer service

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