Working in the above sectors, RIMS today proudly steers four business ventures, each unique in their own industry space.


Lakdi- The Furniture Co. is an Occupancy Service Provider & Turnkey Project Management Company with the core belief of creating well-designed & well-furnished spaces in Homes, Offices, Hotels, and Educational & Medical Institutions & Government Establishments.


ENRG encompasses wide array of products committed towards providing advanced Corporate and Consumer Tech Solutions with prime focus on innovation, design, built quality and user experience of our products and services with a motto to digital citizenship.



Seiko is diversified into furniture fittings and hardware with state-of-the-art quality and standard. Our wide range of products manufactured and distributed for the Indian and the world market has helped us gain recognition from clients and customers all across the board.



Lotus is also dedicated to developing fine furniture fittings & hardware to your interior space with cutting-edge features made with thorough R&D & comprehensive market insights holding the competence of superior quality & the convenience of unmatched functionality.


Diversification is the need of the hour today. And the ability to cater to multifarious industry needs is the key ingredient of success. Our experience over the years has helped us cultivate our skills to consult, manage and develop projects across major industry segments. As a competent consultant, RIMS offers you design and build services for you from the initial blueprint to the final construction.
We have evolved as masters of many trades and spread across various business sectors.

Occupancy Services & Turnkey Project Management

Striking a balance between too much and too little space can help your business function effectively. Believe it or not, over occupancy or lack thereof can impact business performance.

Space and Design Consultancy

Space- personal or professional, is the most important lifestyle element for an entity- individual or business. And a well-designed space can contribute a lot to an organized and energetic living or working space.

Furniture and Interior Solutions

Your living or workspace defines your business. So, how you organize and design it will only add value to your brand identity. With changing concept of spaces, the furniture and fixture has also changed.

Brand Engagement and Event Solutions

Your brand is everything about your business and the values that it brings to your consumers. And is it imperative to make it memorable. With updated market know-how, our brand experts…

IOT Solutions & Smart Personal Tech Products

Digital revolution has made the new age consumer seek better, smarter yet sustainable lifestyle products- from electronics, appliances to personal devices. IOT has enabled product designers to integrate the digital ecosystem…

Corporate Tech Solutions & Employee Engagement

We are living in an era of connectivity. And with smart technology every establishment has the power to connect to every object of their need and exchange data. Making the best of such revolutionary innovation…

Specialized Furniture Fittings & Hardware

Furniture undoubtedly shape the overall look and feel of your establishment. But what holds everything together and adds to the functionality of furniture are its fittings. Artfully designed, furniture enhancement…

E- Commerce

As newer customer touch-points emerge and businesses demand upgraded functionality, we provide solutions that are built to fully integrate with your existing enterprise technology and offer leading…

Iron and Steel Wires Imports

RIMS have created a strong presence in importing iron and steel wires globally. We provide iron and steel wires to various business sectors like Automobile, Construction etc. Guided by a mission to provide comprehensive customer service we have won the goodwill of our clients making us one of the most preferred, demanded and best supplier to the world class market.


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The changing socio-economic scenario around the world has created the need for exceptional, relevant and sustainable marketing solutions to let your brand receive the recognition it deserves. And to do the same, RIMS joins you as a product and service providing organization.

RIMS India Private Limited. is a leading import and marketing services organization specialized in marketing solutions with variety of products and services to help Corporates, Events, Educational, Hospitality, Commercial and various other business sectors to build their powerful brands to drive business growth. With in-depth research we develop the best marketing matrix for your business to build a robust identity for your brand, so you can yield the maximum returns. We help you by developing, consulting, executing result-oriented products and services by providing hands-on support, at every stage.

Our highly proficient team constantly strives to update themselves with the latest market knowledge, needed to deliver world-class products and services. With their unique understanding of markets and fresh perspectives every time, we always know what is just about right for your business. Exposing the world markets to ourselves, we have provide our clients with easy access to marketers across borders.

Crossing geographical barriers we look forward to deep rooted business dealings which nurture trust amongst our clients. We analyse every Clients unique background and believe in providing optimal solutions as well as quality products and services as per their requirements.

Crossing geographical barriers we look forward to deep rooted business dealings which nurture trust amongst our clients. We analyse every Clients unique background and believe in providing optimal solutions as per their requirements.


At RIMS, our mission is to share our specialized skills and market knowledge to assist you in facilitating the best possible access to the world by providing oversight and leadership in executing projects form planning to completion in the most efficient and transparent manner. We seek to become the best service provider to our clients and desire to measure the success of our clients through awareness, increased sales, and brand recognition. We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission and help our clients achieve their desired goals.


We understand how much growth matters to every business. As drivers of cutting-edge products and services; we see ourselves as facilitators of the growth of your company and your business the way you have envisaged. Our business philosophy is based on building strong, and long-lasting relationships with our clients; known for our quality customer service.


If you are looking for suggestions, recommendations or advice from our expert consultants, do feel free to share your details and someone from the RIMS team will get in touch with you shortly!

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